How much does it cost to install hydronic heating?

Here is a rough guide;

  • Floor heating $70.00 per square metre depending on heat source selected.
  • Radiator heating A fully installed radiator system for a medium sized home with 6 panels and two towel rails will cost at least $15,000.00

I have an existing house, is it possible to add hydronic heating?

Yes, most houses can have a hydronic radiator or cooling system installed at any time however houses with a concrete floor can be difficult due to the lack of access for pipe work. Hydronic floor heating requires a new concrete floor to be poured.

Are radiator panels safe to touch?

Radiator panels have a mild surface temperature of 55 degrees Celsius which means it is safe for children, elderly and household pets.

Do I need special concrete or extra reinforcing for floor heating?

No special concrete is required however the 16mm heating pipe need a minimum concrete cover of 30mm (50mm recommended). Depending on engineering specification and type of floor covering thicker reinforcing may be needed.

Is corrosion in the system a problem?

No a corrosion inhibitor is added to the water to prevent scale build up and corrosion.

Does the system require any maintenance?

We recommend your heating system be serviced annually to prolong the life of the system and ensure efficiency and reliability.

What is radiant heat?

Radiant heating systems heat people and objects throughout the room, so you can feel the difference. It simply eliminates cold draughts and keeps the heat warming you and objects around you, not the air.

Can domestic hot water be combined with the heating/cooling system?

Yes we can combine domestic hot water and add solar removing the need for additional hot water heat source.

How does Hydronic heating compare to ducted?

A hydronic system costs between 2-3 times a much to install. However the initial outlay can quickly be recovered by using the system efficiently. Average 2/3rds the running costs compared to ducted. A hydronic system has many benefits over a ducted system and must be experienced to really appreciate the difference.

Are there rebates available for hydronic heating?

No there is currently no rebates available for hydronic heating however there are rebates for our domestic hot water systems.

Can Radiators be combined with floor heating?

Absolutely a combination system with radiators and underfloor heating are commonly used for two story homes underfloor heating for the ground floor and radiators for upstairs.

Can underfloor heating be used under timber floor boards?

Definitely we have completed many projects with timber floor including bamboo, hardwoods, engineered timber and parquetry.

Some care needs to be taken when selecting a timber floor to lay over underfloor heating. Contact us for more information.

Can I heat my house with solar?

Yes an appropriately sized solar panel combined with a high efficiency heat pump can heat and cool your home entirely from the suns energy.

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