Floor Chasing

Retrofit Hydronic Underfloor
Heating & Cooling

Why Floor Chasing?

The Eckermann floor chasing system is a quick and economical solution that cuts an underfloor heating & cooling system into existing floors without causing damage or changing the screed level.

Our experienced installation team uses a special floor chasing machine to cut grooves for the underfloor heating pipes into the existing screed or tile with virtually no dust.

The floor lining can be placed into position immediately after the pipes have been laid into the grooves.

  • Suitable for many floor types including existing tiled floors
  • No need to remove existing tiled floors
  • No additional installation height
  • Minimal construction requirements
  • Dust free groove cutting
  • No need for a floor screed as the top floor can be laid directly onto the sealed slots.

Flooring Chasing System
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