Hydronic Heating Panel

Experience Comfort with Our Hydronic Heating Panel

The hydronic heating panel is renowned for its ability to produce gentle and radiant heat that evenly warms the room. Our Eckermann Heating & Cooling team have designed, installed, and maintained hydronic cooling for years now. This means that we have mastered the industry and can provide you with unmatched services. With over 30 years of experience, Eckermann Heating & Cooling offers a complete project management service from the initial design to a professional installation for individuals, architects, and builders.</br> </br>

We strive to remain at the forefront of technological advancement to help you reduce your energy costs. Our team offers professional services, from the initial consultation to the detailed design of your system. We understand that each client is unique, and that is why we design a system tailored to your needs and budget. Our team also uses quality products from renowned brands like LG, Bosch, Sanden, and Mitsubishi.

Hydronic Heating Panel
Hydronic Heating Panel

How Does Hydronic Heating Panel Work?

Unlike other heating systems, the hydronic heating panel heats your room through radiation. Whether you choose steel panel, tubular, or cast iron, you will have a radiator that boasts superior performance. The best thing is that you do not need to renovate your house when installing hydronic heating panels, making them the ideal choice for existing homes. Their easy installation makes them an excellent choice for split-level homes since the pipework travels through the walls and ceiling. This means that there is no need for extensive concrete slab systems.

Hydronic heating works by circulating heated water through sealed pipes. The heat in the pipes then radiates into your home or office through wall-mounted radiators. Heating through hydronic systems is efficient since water is a good conductor. The heat reaches every corner of the room through thermal radiation. A boiler or a heat pump powers the hydronic system. This eliminates the need to use electricity, thus reducing your energy bills.

Contacting Our Experts in Hydronic Heating Panel

Eckermann Heating & Cooling in South Australia is leading the way in innovation, and that is why we are the ideal people to install your hydronic heating panels. We offer our services to residential and commercial clients. Although hydronic heating panels rarely get damaged, our team is ready to help you service your hydronic system. We recommend calling us to visit your home to inspect your system annually. During our visit, we will check the gas pressure, test water ph, water pressure, test the thermostat, and inspect other aspects of your system.

We have received many positive reviews from previous clients, including;
“Dylan and his crew installed a heat pump hot water service and another heat pump for underfloor heating where other companies told me it would not all fit. He explained the space requirements and ensured all clearances were met for optimum airflow. A professional install in a difficult location, I'd definitely use Eckermann again”.
– Jason Comley.

Hydronic Heating Panel
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