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Hot Water Solutions South Australia

Sanden heat pump Hot Water

Sanden hot water heat pumps use industry leading technology to deliver hot water 78% more efficient that traditional electric element hot water units. Sanden heat…

Apricus Solar hot water

The Apricus solar hot water collector utilises high quality, high performance evacuated tube technology to capture more solar energy for more hours in the day.…

Small Duct Air Conditioning

Radiator Panel Heating

Hydronic radiator panels are a traditional method of radiant heating and have been used extensively throughout the world for a number of years. The panels…

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

Hydronic Radiant floor heating

Hydronic radiant floor system are the most popular and cost effective radiant heating solution. Warm water from a heat source is pumped through a network…

Diffusion Plate Radiant floor heating

Diffusion plate system is designed specifically for timber joists floor application and is predominately used in light weight construction with the absence of a concrete…

Electric Radiant floor heating

Electric radiant floors consist of electric cables built into the concrete floor or screed. Systems that feature mats of electrically conductive plastic are also available,…

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"We love the way the system works Dylan, I thought it was a sales pitch when you said it was the most comfortable form of heating you can have, now it’s working I have to agree."

- Paul Weir Parkside.