Adelaide Festival Towers

Adelaide Festival Towers

  • YEAR 2023
  • ARCHITECT JPW Architects
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  • To efficiently heat the vast 853sqm foyer of the new festival tower building.
  • Working with OP Industries, Bestec and BUILT to deliver an effective heating system to the highest standard.
  • Design, supply and install a custom solution using insulated tacker system and 16ml REHAU pipe.

Project Scope

  • OP Industries employed Eckermann Heating & Cooling to design and install a customised heating solution for the grand scale foyer of the new Adelaide Festival Towers.
  • A fully insulated 70kpa tacker system was selected with 16mm REHAU pipe as the best and most effective source to deliver heat efficiently.
  • From efficient heat distribution to enhanced comfort, space optimization, and energy efficiency, underfloor heating is the versatile and practical choice to heat the expansive festival towers foyer.

System Design

A high-density closed-cell insulation was selected due to the high point loading of machinery on the completed slab. 5 Rehau stainless steel manifolds deliver 45-degree water from the main chiller to the 74 individual circuits.

The floor heating circuits have been installed in a double meander pattern and clipped to the high-density insulation using the Rehau Railfix system.
The manifold distributed the heat through a network of Rehau heating pipes stapled to an insulation panel.

The Rehau Railfix system was selected as the best method of UFH installation on this project due to its reduced installation time for more economical pipe installation in large open spaces.

Project outcome

The system is still under pressure test and is yet to be commissioned. Building due to be complete by Nov 2024

Project Photos