Old Parliament House

Old Parliament House

  • YEAR 2014
  • ARCHITECT Architecture
  • BUILDER Mossop Constructions and Prompt Air
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  • To efficiently heat the lobby, hallway and entrance of Old Parliament House using Rehau Tacker Sheet on slab system.
  • Work with Mossop Constructions and Prompt Air to deliver an efficient heating system of the highest standard
  • Design, supply and install a custom made mixing and pump station and connect to gas boiler

Project Scope

Prompt Air employed Eckermann Heating & Cooling as specialised contractors to design, supply and install the under floor heating component for the Old Parliament House redevelopment.

A fully insulated Rehau Tacker sheet system was selected as the most efficient and effective solution for heating the lobby, hallway and entrance of Old Parliament House.

The specification called for the manifold, mixing valve and pump to be located under the floor of an office. Limited space, noise, vibration and maintenance access were all problems. To overcome these problems, specialised mixing equipment sourced from Lovato Spa in Italy were mounted on anti-vibration pads and installed in an insulated stainless steel cabinet.

System Design

Floor sensors connected to the building management system are activated and call for heat.

Natural gas boilers located in the plant room generate the required heat and deliver to the mixing valve, pump station and manifold.

The manifold distributed the heat through a network of Rehau heating pipes stapled to an insulation panel.

The pipes transfer the energy into the floor and heat is emitted into the space via convection and radiant heat.

The space is gently warmed until the desired temperature is reached.

Project Outcome

The system was commissioned in March 2014 and is providing heating to the lobby and hallways of the old parliament house.

Project Photos