Southern Ocean Lodge 2.0

Southern Ocean Lodge 2.0

  • YEAR 2023
  • ARCHITECT Max Pritchard Gunner
  • BUILDER Gildail Developments
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  • To heat 20 Flinders Suites, 2 Remarkable Suites & the Osprey Suite totalling 1120sqm of heated area using our on-slab tacker system.
  • To heat the Ocean Pavillion and Spa totalling 523sq of heated area using our in-slab system.
  • To provide an energy efficient and eco friendly heating solution .

Project Scope

  • Max Pritchard Gunner specified Eckermann Heating & Cooling to design and install a customised and sustainable heating solution for all suites and spa area.
  • As the suites were re-instated on the previous slabs an insualted tacker system was seen as the best design for these areas. The new spa and ocean pavilion are on new slabs so the in-slab system was best.
  • To heat sustainably using solar energy – total heated area 1643sqm with an energy demand of 156kw requiring a 35.31kw PV system .

System Design

The Zennio KNX system controls the heating system and sends an electrical signal to the heat pump to begin heating when the current room temperature is below the required set temperature. Heated water produced by the heat pump is then pumped to the manifold by a circulation pump through an insulated flow pipe. The manifold then distributes the heated water throughout the building via a network of pipes in the slab called circuits. Once the floor has absorbed the heat the water is returned to the heat pump for re heating via a return pipe. This process is continued until the room temperature reaches the thermostat set temperature. The signal is then stopped and the heat pump turns off .

Project outcome

The system was installed over a period of 18 months and kept on pressure test during the build. It was commissioned in December prior to opening.

Project Photos