Sanden Hot Water

Sanden heat pump Hot Water

Efficient:  Sanden hot water heat pumps use industry leading technology to deliver hot water that is 80% more efficient than traditional electric element hot water units.

Eco:  Uses unique ozone friendly R744 (CO2) refrigerant

Neighbour friendly:  Sanden heat pumps are whisper quiet operating at only 38Db making them neighbour friendly and are able to be installed on boundary’s or next to bedrooms.

Reliable:  Class leading warranty with 6 years on the heat pump and 15 years on the tank.

Works with your solar PV system:  With Sanden’s built-in timer hot water production can be set to commence when your solar system starts producing electricity. Using only 1Kw of electricity per hour and needing only 4hrs to produce 315L of 65 degree hot water, running costs are easily off set providing free reliable hot water.

Coldest Climate with no back up element:  Capable of producing 65 degree water with air temperatures as low as -10 degrees no back up element is required providing the highest efficiency in the coldest climates rain, hail or shine.

Save up to 80%* of your hot water energy costs - rain, hail or shine!

How a Sanden Eco Plus System Works

The Sanden Eco Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another. Heat is absorbed by ozone-friendly R744 (CO2), a natural refrigerant which does not contribute to global warming. As the warm gaseous refrigerant circulates through the system it passes through the compressor, and it's pressure and temperature rises. The hot refrigerant then passes through a heat exchanges which heats the water. The refrigerant is cycled back into the system, and the hot water is pumped to the storage tank.

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