Let the Sun Shine In

An Eckermann Heating and Cooling solution can easily be combined with an appropriately sized Solar PV System creating one of the most energy efficient heating and cooling solutions available.

The recent advancement in Heat Pump and PV solar technology means we can now offer a cost effective solar heating and cooling solution without the drawbacks of a costly evacuated tube system.

By simply matching an appropriately sized Solar PV system with a High Efficiency Heat Pump you can now be highly energy efficient & environmentally friendly by heating & cooling your home direct using the suns energy.

Our smart and user friendly control panel provides the ability for the system to be switched into a solar mode only turning on the heat pump when the solar panel is providing enough energy to run it. The solar mode eliminates the need to draw power from the grid and guarantees maximum heating and cooling efficiency.

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"We love the way the system works Dylan, I thought it was a sales pitch when you said it was the most comfortable form of heating you can have, now it’s working I have to agree."

- Paul Weir Parkside.