Electric Underfloor Heating Adelaide

Leading Supplier of Electric Underfloor Heating in Adelaide

At Eckermann Heating & Cooling, we are Adelaide’s leading electric underfloor heating suppliers. We offer comprehensive design, installation, and repair services in residential and commercial electric underfloor heating systems. Our team has 30 years of experience in the industry and we have worked on a number of electric underfloor heating systems, offering complete project management.

Our company strives to remain at the forefront of technological advancement. This is why we offer personalised services and design a system tailored to meet your budget and style. As the premium provider of hydronic and electric systems in South Australia, we do not compromise on quality. This is why we use quality products from reputable brands like LG, Bosch, Zennio, and Mitsubishi. Dylan and his team of specialists use a consultative and friendly approach that focuses on customer satisfaction to deliver quality services. Contact us today to experience our difference.

Electric Underfloor Heating Adelaide
Electric Underfloor Heating Adelaide

Reasons to Choose Electric Underfloor Heating in Adelaide

Our electric underfloor heating in Adelaide can seamlessly warm your house. The system is safe since it does not involve burning surfaces, smoke or fumes. This makes it ideal for children, the elderly, and people who suffer from respiratory diseases. You can also control the temperature in each room using a separate thermostat to reduce energy wastage.

The installation process is also straightforward since our experts will not modify your home. We will come equipped with electric cables suited for in-slab or in-screed installation. The best thing about electric underfloor heating is that it is ideal for all floor types. We can install the unit under any floor coverings, including tiles, marble, wood, laminate or carpet, without taking up any space in your room.

Silence is another reason to install electric underfloor heating. You can have a conversation or sleep peacefully without the heater’s disturbance. An electric underfloor heating system is also economical because it has low maintenance. The system does not have any moving parts, meaning it will not experience wear and tear.

Invest in Comfort with Electric Underfloor Heating in Adelaide

Even though installing electric underfloor heating in Adelaide is not a particularly complicated process, we take care not to damage or cut the cables. High-quality cables can last up to 30 years if properly installed. Electric underfloor heating can be fitted into new or existing homes without taking up space. At Eckermann Heating & Cooling, we encourage clients to ask any questions that they may have. Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • Can underfloor heating be used under timber floorboards?

Definitely, we have completed many projects with timber floors, including bamboo, hardwood, engineered timber and parquetry. However, you must take care when selecting a timber floor to lay over underfloor heating. Contact us for more information.

  • Can radiators be combined with floor heating?

Absolutely a combination system with radiators and underfloor heating is commonly used for two-story homes. Typically, the underfloor heating is reserved for the ground floor and radiators for upstairs.

Electric Underfloor Heating Adelaide
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