Solar Underfloor Heating

Solar Underfloor Heating Experts

If you are looking for a green-energy way to heat your home, consider calling our experts for solar underfloor heating installation. Most people in South Australia have chosen underfloor heating over traditional heating systems due to its efficiency and low running costs. At Eckermann Heating & Cooling, we offer a complete project management service from the initial design to installation. We have been in the industry for more than one year and have installed several solar underfloor heating systems for South Australians.

Eckermann Heating & Cooling is SA’s most trusted name in the hydronic heating and cooling industry. We offer our services to residential and commercial clients. Dylan and his team can accurately design, install, and maintain your hydronic system. Our experience and unlimited access to quality products enable us to meet individual client needs across several applications. We offer friendly and professional services and promise to leave you satisfied with our work.

Solar Underfloor Heating
Solar Underfloor Heating

How Does Solar Underfloor Heating Work?

Whether you are building or renovating, our experts can install solar underfloor heating in your home. We use our solar PV system to create an energy-efficient heating and cooling solution. Our team will match an appropriately sized solar PV system with a highly efficient heat pump to create an environmentally-friendly system that uses energy from the sun. Your solar PV will power the heat pump during the day, charging your slab. The collected heat will warm your house at night, meaning you will not use electricity.

There are two ways of powering the underfloor heating. The first method is by pumping hot water through pipes under your floor. The second one is by powering an electric mat using your solar PV. The latter is more energy-efficient and faster since water is a sink for energy. You will need a lot of energy to heat water, especially when the weather is cold.

Reasons to Work with Our Solar Underfloor Heating Professionals

Our solar underfloor heating experts adhere to national and international quality standards. We do not settle for second best, which is why we maintain a strong sense of accountability. Our years in the industry prove that you can rely on us to act harmoniously with honesty and sincerity. Our team will help you take advantage of the benefits solar hydronic offers without compromising quality.

We understand that solar is a recent technology, and most people may be reluctant to adopt it. Our team will help you understand the importance of solar underfloor heating, especially since we are here to fill a niche in the South Australian market for residential and commercial customers. Our team is at the forefront of technological advancements and offer clients updated products and services.

Solar Underfloor Heating
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