Floor Heating Adelaide

Work with Industry-Leading Floor Heating Providers in Adelaide

Eckermann Heating & Cooling specialise in installing floor heating in Adelaide, which is safe and affordable. We strive to remain at the forefront of technological advancement. Our team is fully qualified and licenced to provide hydronic and electric heating systems to residential and commercial clients. We offer professional services, from the initial consultation through to the detailed design and installation of the heating and cooling system.

Our vast knowledge and experience have enabled us to tailor solutions to meet individual needs across several projects and applications. Dylan and his team of specialists will work with you and ensure they leave you satisfied. The team will use a friendly and consultative approach to help you meet your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Our services reflect our vision to become South Australia’s leading and most innovative plumbing company that provides energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.

Floor Heating Adelaide
Floor Heating Adelaide

Stay Warm with Our Floor Heating Services in Adelaide

Whether you are building, renovating, or simply looking to enjoy our floor heating in your existing Adelaide residence, our team can design a solution that meets your needs. We specialise in two-floor heating systems; hydronic and electric underfloor heating systems.

Hydronic underfloor heating depends on radiant heat transfer. The system supplies heat to the floor or panels on your walls by circulating heated water through pipes. Hydronic heating has been the preferred heating choice in Europe since the 1940s. This system is gradually becoming the perfect heating solution globally due to its energy efficiency, design flexibility, and superior comfort.

Electric floor heating consists of electric cables built into your concrete floor or screed. The system also feature mats of electrically conductive plastic mounted onto the subfloor below floor coverings like tiles. However, electric floor heating systems are perfect for small spaces less than 20m2 like bathrooms. Due to zoning requirements, electric floor heating systems are often combined with hydronic systems.

Our Floor Heating Process in Adelaide

As professionals dealing with floor heating in Adelaide, we want to ensure that your system delivers the comfort and savings you need. This is why we employ a straightforward process to help us achieve what we promise. The process begins when you call our heating professionals to determine the best solution for your needs.

Our experts will calculate your requirements based on information about your homes, such as size, depth, floor coverings, and exterior surfaces. We will then use this information to customise a system to suit your preference. Next, we will move to the contract signing phase, where you will pay a deposit.

Our specialists will contact your builder before beginning the construction. We will work with your builder to complete the project on time. Eckermann Heating & Cooling offers a warranty for all their work. We will also provide you with detailed training to help you get the most out of your system.

Floor Heating Adelaide
We are a proud South Australian-owned company and pride ourselves on quality floor heating services in Adelaide.