Hydronic Cooling System

Efficient Hydronic Cooling System

A hydronic cooling system is a worthwhile investment since it will lower your energy bills. At Eckermann Heating & Cooling, we specialise in hydronic heating and cooling solutions. We offer a complete project management service from the design phase to a professional installation for individuals, architects, and builders. Our team has experience of over 30 years. We have installed a number of hydronic heating and cooling systems in South Australia. This means that we have seen it all and can install a system that meets your needs and budget.

We know that hydronic heating and cooling is a new technology, and most people don’t understand the workings of this system. We strive to remain at the forefront of technological advancements to help you stay updated. Our vision is to become South Australia’s most innovative plumbing company specialising in providing energy-efficient systems for residential and commercial premises. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Hydronic Cooling System
Hydronic Cooling System

Hydronic Cooling System Tailored to Your Needs

As the premium hydronic cooling system provider in South Australia, Eckermann Heating & Cooling has a unique position in the industry. Our wealth of experience and product knowledge enables us to tailor solutions to individual client needs across several applications. We also use quality products from reputable brands like LG, Bosch, Sanden, and Zennio.

Hydronic heating and cooling produces conventional and radiant heat, eliminating the need for fans and blowers. This reduces the amount of dust, germs, and allergens found in your home, making hydronic systems a clean heating and cooling solution. Hydronic heating and cooling are becoming the preferred choice worldwide due to their energy efficiency, design flexibility, and superior comfort. The system also cools your home evenly, unlike the forced-air systems. These traditional methods produce conventional currents, causing an unpleasant feeling of overheated upper levels while the return air cools your feet.

Benefits of Hydronic Cooling Systems

Hydronic cooling systems have numerous benefits, and we can incorporate them into almost every home style. The system can move enough heat to warm a standard-sized house through a one-inch pipe and require small circulation pumps. Forced air systems require larger ducts at least 450mm and fans that use more electricity to deliver the same amount of heat. This makes the hydronic system a smart and economical choice for residential and commercial properties. Hydronic cooling systems also fit where traditional ducting doesn’t, making it ideal for buildings with limited spaces.

Installing a hydronic system ensures that your family remains healthy. The system is not offensive to the five senses. From a visual perspective, you can enhance the appeal of your space by making it possible to use natural stone, tiles, and polished concrete. Hydronic cooling systems are also quiet, and your visitors will seldom know when the unit is running.

Hydronic Cooling System
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