Flinders Park (Klemm)

Flinders Park (Klemm)

  • YEAR 2023
  • ARCHITECT Girardi Design
  • BUILDER Klemm
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Completed in July 2023 by Klemm Homes, this Flinders Park home boasts hydronic underfloor heating throughout its entirety. The system includes 187sm2 of 16mm Rehau PEX A heating pipe, coiled in a counter flow pattern for maximum heat transfer and even distribution. A 14-circuit Rehau stainless steel manifold, located in the linen cupboard, efficiently distributes heated water from the 16kW LG Therma V heat pump to four distinct zones: Lounge, Master Suite, Bedrooms, and the rest of the home. Enjoying customized warmth tailored to your usage and flooring needs.

Project Photos