Metcash Distribution Centre

Metcash Distribution Centre

  • YEAR 2020
  • ARCHITECT Ahrens
  • BUILDER Ahrens
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  • Protect slab and structural columns from frost heave
  • Recover wasted heat from refrigeration plant
  • Provide redundancy in both floor sensors and glycol loops

Project Scope

Design, supply and install 9000m² of in slab glycol system to the freezer cold store area of the Metcash distribution centre. Connect to heat rejection from the refrigerant plant to provide heating to the bottom of the freezer slab.

Design and implement our unique coil configuration to protect structural columns from frost heave

Provide stainless steel manifolds

Provide 6 slab sensors to read slab temp and connect to BMS

Commission and provide O & M manual plus test certificates

System Design

Install 22500Km of 20mm Rehau pex pipe installed in our unique coil configuration to the bottom slab of the freezer cold store. Connect the 232 circuits to stainless steel manifolds. Recover waste heat from the refrigeration plant and deliver to freezer floor coils. Install in slab sensors and connect to BMS.

Project outcome

Glycol system has protected structural columns and slab from frost heave and provided a significant running cost saving to Metcash due to the heat recovery system. The estimated energy saving of a hydronic heat recovery system when compared with electric element is 162Kw/Hr per day.

Project Photos